A short play

Cast of characters:
M: me
NG: News Guy
R: Robot

M: Today I went on a long walk.
NG: What did you do on your walk?
M: I went to a big church.
NG: What did you see in the church?
M: I saw a mosaic
NG: What was the picture of?
M: It’s a picture of a flying lion on a red background.
NG: What is the picture on?
M: Ug! I’ve never been with someone so questioning in my life? Well! It was on a pole.
NG: What wee the poles supposed to look like?
M: The poles were supposed to look like a forest. It’s so cool! I wish you could see it!


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One Response to A short play

  1. Monica says:

    Great interview! I hung on every word! The photo is stunning!