Thanksgiving games

Playing Rummikub, continuing the holiday boardgame tradition.


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Clarinet in ashland

Cielo practiced clarinet without being asked so she could show off for Ilan (Eero performed on ukelele, too!)

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After the flamenco show

It ended at about 11:30pm – it would have ended earlier but the principal dancer kept wanting to do “just one more” encore. It was a great show.


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I saw flamenco dancing last night. It was almost like folk dancing except that there were singers.


Another interesting thing today was that they were filming the premiere of the 7th Harry Potter movie. In the streets! Have you ever heard of that?! I wasn’t in it, but I was there at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Guess what?! We’re looking for dominos for Eero STILL!

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July 7 2011

Today I went on two metro rides and yesterday I saw flamenco dancing and I had a good time at the dance show.


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Best food I tasted ever

Dear Atmosphere,

I went to a museum of art. I liked it because it was full of art. I liked the audio book [tour] that you used like a phone; except you don’t talk. That was my only exciting thing today.


P.S. Don’t ask why!


The churros w/ chocolate (we got to dip the churros in it) were the best food I tasted ever!


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July 6 2011

I went in to a very or not so very dark room and there were lights reflecting the water and I didn’t see the water at the reina sophia museum and I accidentally stepped in the water.


And I got a sandwich with a hole in the top and I got to eat the piece that they cut out of the top and me and my family had a good time.


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Metal Market

There are neighborhood markets in Spain with a metal superstructure that contain many small little stores, selling everything from fresh fruit to Iberian ham, ice cream to oysters, coffee to wine. You can also get a little paper cone full of your selection of dried fruit, which seems to be a popular treat here. Here we are in a market in Madrid – we got some nice port-based sangria here, and the kids had frozen yogurt (the yogurt here is tangy and plain, so you want to get toppings).


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July 5 2011

Today I got to see a bald eagle, our state bird. I also got to see a sixty feet [meters – vernon] waterfall and I got to go in a lot of caves.




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Best day ever

Today I went on a long car drive. There were no fights. Today was the best day ever!

I got to see a:

Bald Eagle
Kara Kara
Lion Vulture
Barn Owls
Eagle Owl
Snow Owl





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